CanadianZopMod Beta Test#1

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by Joao Lucas » Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:15 am

Very nice. Good luck on your mod, C*S. I couldn't show up because I was traveling :(

by Canadian*Sniper » Sat Jan 27, 2007 10:31 pm

Looksie what I made :D All 70 minutes of the event summed up in 8 :P Yeap, I idled a lot because I had a lot of IM traffic hitting me during the event :D

(wow, youtube REALLY fucked up the quality of the video. I'll host a actual movie file on filefront)

FILEFRONT!!!: ... einfo.html

Also, Purplehaze got some nice screenies from the event :D
purplehaze wrote:ImageImageImage


by RocketGuy » Sat Jan 27, 2007 7:58 pm


by Canadian*Sniper » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:59 pm

Zop wrote:Now that the test is done, we have some suggestions.

I agree that there should be a # of players displayed somewhere, and some sort of limitation to certain or chosen levels when the player count is low. (Assuming any mod will use this level permanently.)
Thanks to:

TV2 (who?)


17 People at the same time- if not one of these persons didn't show, it wouldn't have been a success! Though, the map was quite big enough for even double the amount.

Mention here if there is anything else you'd like to add!

Apparantly frenzy was having connection troubles. Same with Trouby and Gunter. I don't know what could have caused this but this is good that we know there's a problem that might be fixable



Just to clarify; the WhiteHot event tonight was a test on the server. This was not a test on the WhiteHot mod. The mod was up to take care of quake bugs in regular DM. Zop and I weren't sure how a mass amount of players would affect a Darkplaces server. So we had to test this. We had around 20 or less players at the event in total and I am quite pleased with the results that the server didn't slow down or crash.

When I'm done making the bug fixes and other small add-ons, I'm going to proceed with the meat of the project. WhiteHot isn't just the mod. It's the mod + the map. In the near future, it will not be completely compatible unless it's running on the HUGE MAP that Zop is working on. This HUGE MAP is basically all the original quake maps merged into one big map. The map that was used in the event was simply (ask Zop if it was simple and you won't hear the end of it :P) all the original Death Match maps merged together.

As I was saying, the mod is going to be directly connected to the map. This is because the mod will allow players to teleport into any "area" (by area I mean e1m1, end, dm2, etc) they want. All death messages and votes will be filtered out unless the player is in the same area as they originated from.

For example: if Zop is in e1m1, I'm in start and he drowns, I will not see his death message. If I start a vote, Zop will not be notified and will not be able to participate in the vote.

This was why Darkplaces was the first choice for this server. Mainly because it can handle more than 16 players. It can handle 255! But 64 is a good number in case traffic becomes unstable.

Voting is where the mod will shine. Each area will be able to have it's on game mode. What I mean by game mode is the style of game play, such as death match, coop, team death match. For example, dm2 could be TDM while e1m7 is COOP. But like I said, this is note the meat of the project. What's going to be big is that previous mod game play will be available! That's right. You'll be able to play CA, CTF, CRMOD, RCOOP, RUNEQUAKE, etc in any of the areas. CTF could be happening in e1m1 while CA could be happening in dm3!

This is a huge project and will take some time. But I can see how all of this is going to work and just need to code it. I have no intentions of leaving this project as I see a lot players are supporting it. As long as Vis is happy with hosting WhiteHot for us, we'll keep the server up so anyone can check it out on it's developments. We will update the server's mod and map whenever possible.

PS - I'm still waiting for more custom death messages :)

PSS - Thanks for showing your support!


Some people might disagree with me but a lightning gun discharge that hurts people outside the water is part of the game. The discharge is an explosion caused by the cell batteries, it's nothing like dropping a toaster into a bathtub. It's an explosion which has enough force to hit everyone near the source of the explosion.
Quake Manual wrote:If you shoot the Thunderbolt underwater, it discharges all its cells in every direction in a single gigantic KA-ZAP, with you at the center. Don't try this at home.
so there! :P

by Orl » Thu Jan 25, 2007 9:03 pm

:D :D :D

by Canadian*Sniper » Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:56 pm

Don't worry ORL, it's almost time :D

by Canadian*Sniper » Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:42 pm

Sorry for the delay folks! It's time to get this beta test on it's way!


Invitation Details:
date: Friday, January 26 2006
time: 6:00pm PST | 8:00pm CST | 9:00pm EST
- use the darkplaces engine (you can't connect without it)
- you must have the idsdms.bsp map

If you don't have the map, you will not be able to see where the hell you're going (it would be like using wallhack with wall opacity set to 0% :P). So download the map (links are provided on the first post) and get darkplaces if you don't already have it.

JUST PLAY. There's nothing special needed for you guys to do so just play and enjoy killing everyone. Zop and I simply just want to test the server to see if it can handle 64 players.


Remember this is a test for an even greater project. Hosting a map with all the DM maps is nothing! We want something bigger like all the original maps merged into one! But we must take our baby steps and your support won't go unnoticed.

CanadianZopMod Beta Test#1

by Canadian*Sniper » Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:16 pm

First of all I'd like to thank EVERYONE for participating in the New Quake Mod Survey! If you havn't already filled it out, you can locate it here. Zop has successfully created a map with all of id's dm maps merged together. He went through some hard work testing out the maps with compile errors, lighting, vis, spawn bugs, etc.

Now we want to test out this map on a darkplaces server with approx. 64 players. The actual testing date has yet to be announced (we will give a weeks notice on the date) but all of you should download the required files pronto so we can get everyone ready. To be able to connect to the server, you'll have to use darkplaces (Thanks to Baker for bringing that to our attention). I've supplied the map and the current darkplaces engine files (exe, linux and source included) in easy packaged/compressed files.

To download darkplaces and the map, install one of the following files and extract the files into your quake folder:

To download only the map, install one of the following files and extract the map into your ../id1/maps folder:

NEW: Thanks to Spirit, the map can also be uploaded in shub-hub quaddicted! ...

You can always download darkplaces at LordHavoc's website located here.

If you find darkplaces choppy, it may help to refer to Baker's DarkPlaces Ideal Deathmatch Settingsthread.

Now this is very important (for our mod :P). We DO need atleast 64 players to connect to the server at the specified date. We need to use this test data to predict how to confront the rest of this vast project. So please take part in the testing. Your help will not go unnoticed.

Oh ya~ And when you arrive, feel free to own everyone :twisted: