Exclusive FvF Map Project.

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Exclusive FvF Map Project.

Post by V0u1t4R » Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:46 am

FvF is an excellent modification to quake, no question. However, I've always felt that the Original Quake Maps took FvF out of it's element. I'm a seasoned mapper and would really like to contribute some sort of map project exclusively for FvF. Alone or by myself. So if any mappers are serious about a Nostalgic trip back to Quake Mapping. Please let me know. I believe it could really breathe life back into FvF.



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Re: Exclusive FvF Map Project.

Post by Gunter » Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:18 pm

If you make a series of maps which are compatible with plain quake, it should work with FvF, and we can give them a try.

Just remember when designing the layout of a map that some people can fly and grapple, so that can change the flow.

Also, if you flag something to appear when in DM mode, it'll be there in Quest mode too. Many mappers make the mistake of having a door that appears in DM mode, but the key for the door only appears in Single Player mode, so we get stuck there....

We do have a mini episode consiting of Terra and Iikka maps on the server, if you vote for the Custom Maps. I had to go in and remove some doors in those maps and alter some things to get everthing working right.

And we've ran Orl's map packs before, with only a few minor problems.

But if you whip something up, we'll give it a try.
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