Fear of Brainsuckers

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Fear of Brainsuckers

Post by Gunter » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:13 pm

So over at Quakeone they are having that discussion about how everyone hates "Tarbabies" (Spawns).

Foq posted there to tell them about how Brainsuckers in FvF are much worse.

But look at this earlier post by Rook:

http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-talk/q ... post168903
tarbabies that are faster and run right up on you.
Then stick to you and eat your brain out from your eye sockets,

and then..

crawl inside your brain and drive you around like a mac truck.
He's describing the Brainsucker pretty perfectly, and my Brainsuckers have been around for like 10 years....

I remember seeing Rook in FvF at least once, a few yeas ago....

Perhaps he encountered the awful Brainsucker in FvF, but then pushed the horrific experience out of his mind and blocked it out. He convinced himself that it was only a dream... it was only a dream... it wasn't real.... It never really happened...

But his nightmares continued to be haunted by the Brainsucker....

After many years of therapy, he was able to move on with his life. His therapist convinced him that he had only imagined the monster as a projection of the fears he'd been carrying since childhood, because that bad man in the park dressed as a clown wearing a trench-coat....

Yes, he told himself it had ony been a figment of his imagination; it would be unthinkable that some twisted mind would bring such an abomination into the world of Quake....

And then one day, years later, someone starts posting about Spawns over at Quakeone. This triggered a suppressed memory in Rook's mind... He thought it was just something he imagined on his own, so he posted about it, jokingly.

But as he stepped away from his keyboard, his hands were trembling... A cold sweat was beading up on his forehead.... He whispered to himself, "they're not real... they're not real... it was only a figment of my imaginagion... it was only a dream...

it was only a dream....

it was only a dream..........."


Come and play FvF and face your fears, Rook :twisted:
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Re: Fear of Brainsuckers

Post by Dr.DUMBFUCK » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:16 pm

Nothing a "100 Radeoaktive Or" Nuk wont fix.

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