Some Dungeons & Dragons Q&A

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Some Dungeons & Dragons Q&A

Post by Gunter » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:20 pm

Because someone asked me some questions and I don't have another good place to answer them, and D&D is another ancient game that is one of my interests (my D&D errata/companion document: ).
Keum Seung Hwan: Hi. I enjoy D & D Classic in Korea. I read Rules Cyclopedia and I also read your Errata. We will contact you with questions about wrestling rules.
Keum Seung Hwan: I grew up in a non - English speaking country, and I have an English spoken. I would be grateful if you could understand my situation.

Keum Seung Hwan: 1. Does Troll's 2claws / 1bite mean 2 claws AND 1 bite in a round? Or do you mean two claws OR a 1 bite in a round?
The monster can make all those attacks in a round. Rules Cyclopedia p.152 notes that is the case (also look at page 102 about Initiative). The slashes are just used to separate the various attacks -- look at the last paragraph under "Damage" on RC p.152 to see an example of that kind of separation. Also note that on the same page as the Troll, there is the Undine, whose attack is listed as "1 fist or 1 coil." In that case, it's "or" so he can only do one of those things in a round, whereas a Troll can do all his lisied "2 Claws/1 Bite" attacks, assuming conditions allow him to do so. Like if someone is running away from a Troll, it might only have time to do 2 Claw attacks, if the DM decides so.
Keum Seung Hwan: 2. In a wrestling rule, If I want to make a normal attack under a grabbed or taken down state, which one should I do first? Attack Roll OR Wrestling Roll? I was wondering the exact order of initiative.
I suggest that a Wrestling character should be treated as using a "two-handed weapon" (he has to use both hands) meaning he will always lose initiative against people who are attacking with one-handed weapons (this is noted all throughout the weapon section). Otherwise you'd roll for initiative normally, like if you are trying to wrestle someone who is attacking with a two-handed weapon, or another wrestler.
Keum Seung Hwan: 3. Let's assume I have to do Wrestling Roll first. If I lose Wrestling Roll, do I lose all the opportunity to do Normal Attack?
You can either actively Wrestle or make some other attack. If you were trying to make a regular attack and someone else was Wrestling you, you would make your defensive Wrestling roll when their turn came up, as they try to Wrestle you. If someone succeeds in a Wrestling roll against you, you might still be able to attack, but you will face penalties to your attack, due to them grabbing or taking you to the ground -- look over the Wrestling section for the effects, and the entry for page 133 in my Document. If you are trying to make normal attacks against someone who is Wrestling you, you only make a defensive Wrestling roll (at a penalty, keep reading), which can only prevent the other person from grabbing you or taking you down or pinning you. If you win a defensive Wrestling roll, you don't get to grab them -- you only fend off their attack, or break their hold on you. Your opportunity to do this occurs when they try to wrestle you to a more vulnerable position.

Keum Seung Hwan: 4. I would be grateful if you could give me an example of the dice roll sequence of a character who wants to do Normal Attack under a grabbed or taken state. Thank you for reading my questions and Happy New year!
Ok, say Fred the Fighter is being grappled by Wrigley the Wrestler. At some point Wrigley has Grabbed Fred. Fred can still use his sword to attack (see the Wrestling Effects paragraph on RC p.113). Since his sword is a one-handed weapon, he will automatically win initiative against Wrigley too. Maybe he can kill Wrigley before getting taken down. However, as I suggestions in my Document about p.113, Fred gets a penalty of -2 to his attack roll from being grabbed.

If Fred fails to kill Wrigley, then Wrigley gets to make his Wrestling roll against Fred on Wrigley's turn. Fred can only make a defensive roll against that, since Fred is not actively Wrestling (he made a weapon attack instead). Note under "Wrestling Procedure" in my Document, I suggest that in such a case, the non-wrestler gets a -4 penalty to his Wrestling Roll.

So then if Wrigley scores a Takedown on Fred, Fred can no longer attack with his sword, and would have to pull out a small weapon such as a Dagger if he wants to continue stabbing, with a -4 penalty to his attack roll. Or he could drop his weapons and try to focus on Wrestling to try and beat Wrigley that way.

The Wrestling rules can get kind of complicated. Just read over this section in the Rules Cyclopedia, and the notes in my Document for those pages.

Shaghul Zagmuk!
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Keum Seung Hwan

Re: Some Dungeons & Dragons Q&A

Post by Keum Seung Hwan » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:44 am

Thanks to you, I fully understand the wrestling rules.

Thank you !!!

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