FvF and QuakeWorld.

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FvF and QuakeWorld.

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So.... I'm reviving my old Quake fetish.... and find that I can't seem to get a server up that will work with the new, nifty render engines (darkplaces, vengeance, nprquake, tenebrae, etc.) They all want the QW protocol, it seems.

Unfortunately, when I tried to start a QW server, I found I couldn't set Purge or Quest modes. I opened pak1.pak in a text editor and found that "quest" is an alias to "teamplay 163?FVF;deathmatch 3;restart" and tried to enter those commands by hand, but qwsv reports, 'Unknown command "restart"'

The whole impetus behind digging up Q1 was to play FvF Quest and Purge, so if anyone can help, I'm at a LAN party right now. I'll be setting up a gaming network for a convention next week. I'm all ears! Also, if you need any more details to help with this, just ask.

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Darkplaces servers use the DP7. You can change it to Quake by using this command "protocolname QUAKE".
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Can't run a dedicated server?

Did you try Qrack?

Why not load a map instead of using ";restart" ? Changelevel?

OK I don't know.

So. Uh... FvF had quakeworld support at one time?

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Yep FvF definitely had QW support at one time. A few people have it available but I haven't seen it available anywhere publically in a long time. It supported all the modes, purge, quest, etc.
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